Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Project

The Idea

The idea is to re-live the 1994 Montreal Expos season and finish it like the strike never happened. I will be using a game called strat-o-matic baseball with the 1994 rosters.

Strat-o-Matic Baseball

Strat-o-Matic Baseball is a probability/statistic-based game. I will be using the card and dice version (there is also a computer version, but I always preferred the board game). Every player as his own card based on his statistics of the decided year (in that case, I play with the 1994 rosters). Everything is a factor in that game, from the ability of the batter to face right/left-handed pitchers, hitting power, player speed, defensive range, % of errors, ability to steal bases, arm strenght, pitchers ability to face left/right-handed batters, stamina, composure, injuries, even the stadium played in and the temperature/time of day the game is played influence the results and I am sure I am missing a bunch.

Here you can see an older version of the board game to get an idea, you cans see the board, player cards, fielding charts, error charts, stadium charts, weather charts:

For more info on the game:


Strat-O-Matic website :

My Project

I will play the entire Montreal Expos 1994 season including the games after august 11th 1994 (last games before the strike). Until that date, only the games played by the expos will influence the rest of the league, every other game will have the same winners as the 1994 MLB season.(ex. the Expos were 12-0 against the Padres in 1994. If the Padres win 5 games out of 12 against the Expos in my replay, their record will be improved by 5 games besides what it was in 1994.) To see everyday results and standings from 1994 I will be using that site: .

I will be managing the Expos as well as their opponents. My goal is not to have the Expos finish with a perfect record, but to make a realistic replay, so both teams decisions will be made with the best interest and logic in the goal to help the team win. For my opponents every day roster, I will use a series by series lineup vs right-handers/left-handers from 1994.(ex. In the Expos 2nd series against the Cubs, I will be using the Cubs starting Lineup from that series against a lefty if Jeff Fassero is starting by example, and that series lineup against a righty for a game that Ken Hill gets the start.) Everyday Expos and opponents lineups for 1994 can be found at : .

After August 11

For games after august 11, since they have not been played, for opponents rosters, I will be using their best possible lineups against leftys/rightys taking in consideration injuries and days of rest for roster players based on the Strat-O-Matic Game rules. For every other league games, since they did not happen, I will be using a formula based on every home team's home winning percentage and every away team's away losing % to find a winner using dice and probabilities. That was the only way I found to simulate games without using a computer (I wanted my project to be 100% card and dice.)

Let the 1994 Expos MLB season replay begin...

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  1. Hi, I stumbled on this while looking online for the 1994 Expos Team Card set for S-o-M...was one ever actually issued, or did you create them based on the raw data for that year?